Monday, April 20, 2009

Chiller Theatre

Chiller was great! Here are some of the highlights of my weekend:
  • Got to hang out with Dame Judith and that alone is worth a trip anywhere.

  • I was set up next to Joe Pilato and suffered irreversible hearing loss.

  • Got some great hugs from Eugene Clark.

  • Shook Mickey Dolenz's hand! (Hey, hey, I'm a geek!)

  • Saw Tony Curtis and Tippi Hedren in the flesh!

  • Finally met John Amplas. Nice guy.

  • Was interviewed by Roy Frumkes for a revision of Document of the Dead.

  • Had dinner with Dave Baumuller, Ted Bohus, John and Peg Skerchock and company. They are endlessly entertaining and I adore them all. I wish we didn't live so far apart.

  • Creighton gave me a new Ghoul A Go-Go DVD and stickers!

  • Patted a chubby bulldog. I love seeing dogs in unexpected places.

  • Was awakened at 3am Sunday by someone pounding on all the doors on my floor, looking for Wendy. If I were Wendy, I'd hide, too.

It was nice meeting new fans and reconnecting with old friends. As much fun as I had, my heart sings loudest and longest when I see my pups and kitty again. It's always good to get back home.

I see that we now have some minions on our blog. Minions are nice.
Please note: Good minions mow the lawn and do windows.

Love to all,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hi from "Barbra"

Wow, our own DAMES OF THE DEAD blog. I'm thrilled. Must admit though, I'm not the most experienced at blogging, but will try to get the hang of it.

Kyra and I will be heading to New Jersey in just a few weeks to attend the yearly CHILLER Horror Convention. In checking out the guest list, I see that Rene Aubergenois (sp) of KING KONG and BOSTON LEGAL fame, among many others, will be there. He and I go WAAAAAY back to Pittsburgh, PA. We did BABES IN ARMS together at the Pgh. Playhouse when I was just 15. What a kick we had singing "I Wish I Were in Love Again" climbing up and down a 15-foot ladder. Ah, such good memories. I'm so looking forward to saying hello to him after all these years.

Well, Guys and Gals, that's a first blog attempt from DAME Judith. I really look forward to hearing from you!


Chiller Theatre "40th Anniversary Tour" Hangover

Don't forget, y'all -- in less than two weeks Judy and I will be ensconced behind our tables at the Chiller Theatre Toy, Model and Film Expo in Parsippany, NJ for what appears to be the final date of the "Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary Tour." Whew! That was a long sentence! Take a breath.

The dates of the show are April 17-19 (2009, obviously). Come on out and visit us! We'll be appearing alongside George Romero, Bill Hinzman, Russ Streiner, Gary Streiner (his first convention appearance), Charles Craig (the voice of NOTLD), George Kosana and John Russo.

Bring all your posters, CDs (compact discs AND certificates of deposit), DVDs, BVDs (no, maybe not) and we'll sign 'em for ya! See you soon.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Inaugural Dames of the Dead Blog Post!

Whoohoo! The Dames of the Dead (Judy O'Dea and Kyra Schon) finally have a space to post Dames-related thoughts and pictures, mad ramblings, nasty rumors and spoilers to movies and books (not really). I can't wait to tell the Joodstress what a wondrous thing I've created with the aid of modern technowizardry.

Stay tuned for mayhem and merriment.